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By Nancy Wahl If you’re a mom, you should know that the right personal lubricant can make a big difference in helping you maintain a fulfilling and satisfying love life. That’s because mothers have 3 extra challenges when it comes to maintaining their natural moisture. Mom Challenge #1: Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing. All of these wonderful stages of motherhood have […]

Responsible for everything from physical attraction to orgasm intensity, the brain is undoubtedly your most important sexual organ. While many people buy in to the notion that a man “thinks with his penis,” naturally valuing and desiring sex far more than women, accumulating evidence suggests that there is no such thing as a male versus female brain and that female […]

Contrary to what many people learn in sex ed., there is far more to sexual anatomy than intercourse and sexually-transmitted disease. Pleasure serves a vital purpose, too. “The thrill of physically touching and being touched by another warm body, the mounting excitement toward sexual release, the climactic ecstasy of orgasm, and the pulsating, peaceful afterglow of relaxation following orgasm,” said […]

From the warmth of summer to increased togetherness, Independence Day brings many elements of a romantic night. While some research shows that the increased exercise, revealing clothing and perspiration of summertime increase sexual desire, hectic schedules, stress and the monotony of a lackluster routine stand in the way for many. Regardless of where you fall on the summertime arousal spectrum, […]

If there’s one time of year when women wish to feel and appear sexy, it’s summertime. Toward that end, many turn to weight loss tactics that wreak havoc on their wellness, making sex and arousal less likely and causing a variety of additional complications that are about as far from sexiness as bologna–which is exactly what the whole notion of […]