Scientists reveal “love potion” for women

by Nancy Wahllove potion

Yes, ladies, there is a love potion. A potion that can apparently enhance your potential to experience sexual pleasure. A potion that can also reduce the discomfort that can sometimes accompany sex.

A potion that can even ease your worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)!

It’s not something you drink, however. It’s something you apply. This potion is, in fact, a particular type of personal lubricant.

Thought lubricants were just for women with
dryness issues?
Not by a long shot.

Scientists at Indiana University recently studied the use of personal lubricants among 2,453 women. Although their average age was 32 1/2, they ranged from 18 to 68 years old. Some were post-menopausal, most were not. 56% were married, 44% were not. Here’s what they found out:

70% of participants strongly believed that lubricant use improves the
sexual experience
, saying that lubricants gave them higher levels of pleasure.

Women who used a lubricant during sex reported about 1/3rd less sexual
as women who went lube-free.

• According to the researchers, women who use lubricants may experience
less vaginal tearing
which can heighten the risk for HIV and other STIs.

• Study participants said water-based lubricants were better at
decreasing sexual irritation and increasing enjoyment
than silicone lubes.

This last finding is significant for two reasons. A lot of lubricants are silicone based, so you’ll want to check and make sure yours is water-based. Besides feeling better, water-based lubricants absorb cleanly, while silicone lubes can leave a sticky mess that’s hard to wash out.

Also, although very few condoms list their lubricant ingredients – don’t know why they’re not required to; don’t know why they don’t do it voluntarily – the vast majority are silicone-based. So here’s what I suggest:

If you use condoms, buy non-lubricated types. They’re frustratingly hard to find, but a commonly available one is Trojan ENZ (look for the red packaging). Then use a water-based lubricant with it.

Which one?

I like Aloe Cadabra, a water-based lube made from 95% organic aloe vera – the same soothing, natural ingredient that’s found in many hand lotions and body gels. What’s in the other 5%? Vitamin E oil and other nutrients that give it the glide and viscosity that make it a good lubricant.

According to Wikipedia, Aloe Cadabra is the first lubricant certified to strict NSF organic standards – the same high standards set by Whole Foods. You can find it at many Whole Foods stores and at other leading drug stores including CVS and Walgreens.

You can also buy it at on the Aloe Cadabra website.

And by the way, while Aloe Cadabra is not the kind of love potion you drink, I’m happy to report it’s perfectly edible. In fact, its 5 scents and flavors can add yet another layer of pleasure to your between the sheets activities 😉

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