Mom's best friend: A personal lubricant?

By Nancy Wahl

Smiling woman copyIf you’re a mom, you should know that the right personal lubricant can make a big difference in helping you maintain a fulfilling and satisfying love life.

That’s because mothers have 3 extra challenges when it comes to maintaining their natural moisture.

Mom Challenge #1: Pregnancy, childbirth and nursing.
All of these wonderful stages of motherhood have a not-so-delightful side effect: they can cause a woman’s estrogen level
to plummet. The result: vaginal dryness. As you probably know, sex during these times can
be uncomfortable, even painful.

Mom Challenge #2: Stress. Having to manage kids along with a career, household,
marriage, and all the other stuff in your life can be hard on your body and tough on
your nerves. And stress happens to be one of the primary causes of vaginal dryness.

Mom Challenge #3: Stability ≠ excitement. Your partner still rocks your socks, for
sure. But after years of being together, sometimes the internal irrigation system
doesn’t always work as quickly as it used to. And friction is never good for relationships, especially the between-the-sheets kind.

What to do about dryness?

Some women use prescription estrogen creams, hygiene sprays, hormone replacement pills and patches and so on. But for most women, all that may be needed is a personal lubricant. Unfortunately, there are a lot of iffy lubes out there. Be sure to choose one that’s:

a. Water based – Silicone lubes can leave a sticky mess, and oil-based ones can
damage latex (such as condoms).

b. Free of harsh chemicals like parabens, propolene glycol, polyquarternium 15,
and hydroxyethyl-cellulose (a good rule of thumb: If you can’t pronounce the ingredient,
don’t put it in your vagina).

c. Organic – Honestly, if you’re going to go organic with anything, shouldn’t be with
what you put on and in your most delicate and vulnerable parts?

d. Available in different flavors – A great way to add new spice to your bedroom
activities. But definitely avoid flavored lubes with glycerin, which is a sugar, since
sugars can trigger yeast infections.

One lubricant that fits the bill in all these ways is Aloe Cadabra. It’s the first organic-certified lube, one of few to meet the high standards of Whole Foods markets. And it’s made mainly of soothing, nourishing aloe vera. Yes, the same natural moisturizer you use for your hands and face.

Aloe Cadabra is water-based, organic and comes in 5 sensuous scents and flavors, all glycerin-free. Check them out here. Or look for Aloe Cadabara at your nearest drug store. And start enjoying a friction-free love life!

Nancy Wahl

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