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Alex & Dr. Laurie Steelsmith

Dr. Laurie Steelsmith & Alex Steelsmith Sexual lubricants can be a vital accessory in a couple’s bedroom. By moistening a woman’s sensitive tissues, simulating and augmenting her body’s natural lubrication, they promote relatively friction-free, more comfortable sex. Even if vaginal dryness isn’t an issue, they can enhance pleasure for both partners, making sex appreciably more enjoyable. Not all sexual lubricants, […]

Horst Rechelbacher put 'natural' and 'healthy' in the beauty product equation.

Horst Rechelbacher’s world-transformative mission began before he was old enough to legally drive. He was 14 when an apprenticeship in the beauty industry paired with his charisma and creativity propelled him to the top of the hair styling competition circuit. He went on to start his own salon and product lines, including Aveda. What began as a batch of clove […]