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From the warmth of summer to increased togetherness, Independence Day brings many elements of a romantic night. While some research shows that the increased exercise, revealing clothing and perspiration of summertime increase sexual desire, hectic schedules, stress and the monotony of a lackluster routine stand in the way for many. Regardless of where you fall on the summertime arousal spectrum, […]

If there’s one time of year when women wish to feel and appear sexy, it’s summertime. Toward that end, many turn to weight loss tactics that wreak havoc on their wellness, making sex and arousal less likely and causing a variety of additional complications that are about as far from sexiness as bologna–which is exactly what the whole notion of […]

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration. In nature, rebirth is shown in a literal sense, causing trees and flowers to green and bloom. For people, it’s a time to refresh themselves, often through vacations or spring cleaning. Perceptions of physical intimacy derive conceptually from physical temperature, according to a report published in Psychological Science in May 2012. As […]

Horst Rechelbacher put 'natural' and 'healthy' in the beauty product equation.

Horst Rechelbacher’s world-transformative mission began before he was old enough to legally drive. He was 14 when an apprenticeship in the beauty industry paired with his charisma and creativity propelled him to the top of the hair styling competition circuit. He went on to start his own salon and product lines, including Aveda. What began as a batch of clove […]

Americans are opting for organic foods continually more often since 2002, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and 75% of people report feeling uplifted when they take steps to help the environment. What if you could add sensual pleasure to that mix? According to sexual health experts and a growing body of research, you can. “Our health and our […]