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Positive body image in mirror

Sex should only bring pleasure, yet 75 percent of women experience pain during sex at some point, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Irritation in your vulva, inside your vagina or in your pelvic region, lower back or abdomen during sex can derive from a broad range of factors, making sex unappealing and your sensual life stagnant. […]

Choosing the right lubrication is like choosing an ideal mate. While Mr./Ms. Right brings out your best, complimenting your wants and needs and taking your bedroom life from blasé to blissful, Mr./Ms. Wrong can do the opposite, making your sex life and body uncomfortable, leaving you wondering, “What was I thinking?” As with love, the decisions aren’t always easy to […]

After battling traffic that moved like molasses in cookies you’ve yet to bake, you return home to hungry mouths that need feeding, work that needs finishing and a to-do list that rolls out like Santa’s scroll. If you’re like many women, seeking sensual pleasure before bedtime isn’t likely on your radar. If you hope to maintain your sanity and better […]

Flashback: Circa 1951, iconic sitcom, I Love Lucy, is on TV. This is a time when having television meant you had a total of three channels to watch because there were only three networks. And all programming was shown in black and white (weird, right?). In this particular I Love Lucy episode, on screen (and off, actually,) married couple Lucy […]

by Nancy Wahl Yes, ladies, there is a love potion. A potion that can apparently enhance your potential to experience sexual pleasure. A potion that can also reduce the discomfort that can sometimes accompany sex. A potion that can even ease your worry about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)! It’s not something you drink, however. It’s something you apply. This potion […]